Phrase Anatomy

Learning the Best Parts of Foreign Languages

None When learning a new language, it’s best to start with simple, useful phrases.

“Good morning.”

“Where is the bathroom?”

“Open the champagne while I get undressed.”

Now hold on a second...

That last one sounds like it came from Much Phrases, a new app that teaches you some very... interesting expressions in three different languages, available now for Android.

There are scores of smartphone apps to teach you practical phrases in foreign languages. This is definitely not one of them. Because it’s more interested in telling you how to say “Let’s pretend we’re drunk astronauts” in Norwegian. (“La oss late som om vi er fulle astronauter,” if you’re asking.)

You’re working with French, Spanish and Norwegian here. Two are closely related Romance languages, and one is... Norwegian. You’ll take it.

The app comes loaded with over 50 phrases. Just swipe to view the translations and hit play to hear an audio file of the correct pronunciation. That’s it. That’s how you learn to say “I like your dress. May I have it?” in perfect French.

Note: you may need some more French after that.

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