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The Palomar Gets a Steakhouse

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That’s not a knife...

This is a knife.

Okay, it’s actually Knife, a not-your-typical steakhouse from John Tesar that’s doling out exotic meats, slinging inventive cocktails and slated to open Thursday at the Palomar.

Salad, steak, baked potato. That’s what you order at a steakhouse. Oysters, crispy pig’s head, roasted bison. That’s what you order at this steakhouse. And they’re serving such things in a retro-modern space with a thick-carpeted lounge, a green-tiled open kitchen and a dining room that’s sporting wooden tables and dangling exposed bulb chandeliers. It’s nice.

So bring a carnivorous date here. Or a client. Or just book yourself a room upstairs for the sole purpose of sauntering downstairs. And when you do, a trip to the bar for a Rock and Rye is in order. Really sets you up for the ham tasting to follow. Either that or the foie gras sliders and something (anything, really) that’s been braising for days.

If that somehow seems too tame, well, you’re going to like this next bit. See, they’ve got this 240-day dry-aged ribeye. It’s intense, it’s flavorful, and it’s the most interesting piece of meat in town. It’s also $80 per inch.

Or $31.50 per centimeter, if you’re from out of town.


at the Palomar
5680 N Central Expy
Dallas, TX, 75206


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