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Dino’s Grotto: A User’s Guide

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Fitzgerald was off the mark. There are plenty of second acts. Marion Barry. Mark Sanford. And now, Dino’s Grotto, the reimagined, relocated (and scandal-free) version of Cleveland Park’s beloved Dino, officially opening Thursday in Shaw. There’s a few things to know about the place. Here’s three...

1. It’s smaller, and you can only reserve until 6:30pm.
What you’ve got are two floors of an old townhouse, formerly occupied by a hookah bar. Get close to the front window if you can help it, even if you have to bide some time at the bar. And speaking of booze...

2. Cocktails are downstairs, wine is upstairs.
Well, not exclusively, but that’s the focus. Downstairs you’ll find local brews on tap, housemade ’cellos like apple-sage. Oh, also: NSFW-named cocktails like the Swiss Strap-On. Upstairs amid the dining room, there’s an eight-seat wine bar, where you can grab a rare Brunello by the quarter-liter.

3. The menu might get a little more adventurous.
If you dug Dino’s dry-aged burger or trotter tots, you can still get them. But now, you’ll also find goat stew and a butcher board with boar salami and pickled lamb tongue.

Taste buds can be so tasty.


Dino’s Grotto
1914 9th St NW
Washington, DC, 20001


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