Things to do for May 08, 2014

The Weekender

Rooftopping, Motorcycling and Herring-ing

Just a spoonful of weekend makes the medicine go down.

Meatpacking’s Newest Rooftop

Meatpacking’s Newest Rooftop

Catch has heard your calls. It’s noted your outrage. And it’s finally righted its egregious wrong of not having an outdoor roof terrace. It’s called Catch Roof, and it’s where your long-held belief that king crab legs pair perfectly with ntz-ntz-ing is finally proved right.

Now open, Catch Roof, 21 9th Ave (at 13th), 212-392-5978

Like Zipcar for Motorcycles

Like Zipcar for Motorcycles

There are fundamental truths in life. One such truth is: you’d look good on a Triumph Bonneville right now. Conveniently, this new motorcycle-sharing outfit lets you pick up a bike for a day or five on demand, at four spots around the city. Conveniently-er, summer is right around the corner...

40 Years of Blondie Looking Good

40 Years of Blondie Looking Good

Things Blondie guitarist Chris Stein excels at:
1. Playing guitar.
2. Taking photos of Debbie Harry.

Re: 2, Mr. Stein’s lensmanship will be up for your perusal at the Dream Downtown outpost of the Morrison Hotel Gallery for a bit. You know, in case you need a little pre–Electric Room inspiring.

Gant for Practically Nothing

Gant for Practically Nothing

If the words “Cape,” “Vineyard,” “mast,” “cleat hitch” or... “summer” will be rejoining your vocabulary soon, chances are you could use a little Ganting. A madras button-down here, an unconstructed sport coat there. And wouldn’t you know, they’re basically giving that stuff away starting Tuesday. Good luck with the cleat hitch.

May 13-18, Gant sample sale, 225 5th Ave (between 26th and 27th), 212-725-5400

What Else Is New
Russ & Daughters’ New Café

Russ & Daughters’ New Café

If you’re feeling old-school: Russ & Daughters opened itself a full-blown café (pictured) for its 100th birthday. Because perfect herring and caviar deserve a booth.
If you’re wondering what’s happened to Apiary: New name (Aprés) + serious makeover + Elm vet helming the kitchen = deliciousness. A timeless formula, really.

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