Save the Data

An App for Tracking Anything You Do

None Do 100 sit-ups a day.

Run 20 miles a week.

Watch the last 35 hours of Game of Thrones by Sunday night.

Hey, goals are goals.

Now let’s give them a scientific breakdown with Datalove, a new app that can track absolutely anything you do and turn it into statistics, available now for iPhone.

First, choose what activities you want to record. Sure, you could pick from preset options like the number of miles you biked or ran this week. But any app can do that. You’ll probably want to name and create your own custom entry instead.

Soon, you’ll be able to see how much of your office time is spent imagining you have a mustache in the mirror. Monitor how much of your income goes to breakfast sandwiches. Anything, really.

Once you’ve got it all figured out, just go about your day and your phone will eventually turn everything into figures like line charts, totals and bar graphs.

That’s why you pay it the big bucks.

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