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Daiquiris and Corn Dogs on the Malibu Pier

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Ah, the Malibu Pier.

Always calls up beautiful visions of hibiscus-blood-orange margaritas and spot-prawn corn dogs in the sun.

And lo, your visions have finally become reality...

Drop anchor at Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar, a new oceanside spread of fresh seafood and beachy cocktails, soft-opening tomorrow and officially opening May 15 over the Pacific.

Next time you don’t feel like sitting in the sun nursing a Hemingway daiquiri with some bivalves and lobster, stop for a moment and ponder what’s wrong with you. Then head to these twin wooden cottages on the pier. Grab a seat on the wide deck outside the bar on your left. Yes. That’s better.

Or if you’ve arrived around sunset for a date-y dinner, head into the cottage on your right. It’s a big dining room with Malibu tile floors under a coiled Dutch rope chandelier, vintage surfboards and a real-life whale rib. (For added romance.) At your two-top overlooking the water, you’ve got uni deviled eggs and those spot-prawn corn dogs coming.

Or not. Menus will change quite a bit, according to what’s fresh. They even have their own fisherman who forages daily.

And he’s eyeing Employee of the Month.


Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar
23000 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA, 90265


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