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Three Things to Know About Tap 79

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Today you commemorate Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862...

Or today you’ve completely forgotten it’s Cinco de Mayo and you’re simply looking for a post-work patio drink with your dog...

There are exactly three things to know about Tap 79, your new MiMo spot for short rib and beer, and those things are:

1. The food’s damn good.
You’ve got to try the short rib with creamy corn polenta. It’s become that thing. You know, that one thing on a menu you can’t say you haven’t tried. The chef is behind Bin No. 18, so you might want to start with one of his recognizable brie-and-pâté tabla platters.

2. Your dog can hang out with you on either of the two patios.
One patio is covered, one is not. So grab a seat on the covered patio if you both forgot to SPF, and then get to know the sprightly French bulldog and his attractive human—perhaps over a cold Founders IPA (they’ve got 30 beers here) and maybe some house-cured beef jerky.

3. Fried cheesecake temporarily exists. Now.
There’s no dessert menu here—they just wing it daily. Today happens to be fried-cheesecake day.

That other hallowed holiday.

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