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A Bar Where You Roll Dice for Your Drink

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If we’re being honest (and really, why wouldn’t we be), every night out is a roll of the dice.

Sometimes things go exactly as planned. Sometimes you wake up in another city wearing a sombrero as a shirt.

And sometimes you just literally roll some dice.

About that last one: meet Reserve, a new golden-age-of-drinking-style barroom opening tonight at Morgans New York at 37th and Madison.

What you’ve got here: two floors of sneak-away nooks and sofas galore, ideal for discreet nightcapping. What else you’ve got here: plenty of cocktails, like a reposado-and-habanero-bitters number dubbed A Spicy Affair. (Then again, aren’t they all.)

Or you could leave it up to fate...

See, they’ve got this dice game. Basically, you roll three dice (one represents whiskey, one represents sweetener, one represents bitters) to determine what’s going into your Old Fashioned. Whatever the gods (and the tiny particles on the surface of the game) determine, that’s your drink.

And because it’s of paramount importance to us that you experience such innovation firsthand, our brethren at UD Perks are setting up you and a date with two dice rolls/Old Fashioneds apiece for $20 less than the going rate.

It’s risk-reward at its finest.

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