Heavy Lifting

New Terrain by Way of This New Gondola

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Just when you thought you were out...

They build a new gondola and pull you back in.

All aboard the Sea to Sky Gondola, a brand-new mountain carriage that’ll whisk you from the banks of the Strait of Georgia up thousands of feet into the mountains of Squamish, British Columbia, now taking reservations for May 16.

This opens up a lot of new opportunities for you. These are the ones you care about the most:

You’re about to be privy to a previously forbidden land.
There’s almost too much new ground to explore now. The real rough-and-tumble, deep-powder stuff. The kind of stuff that... somehow still exists in May.

You’ll be drinking beer in the sky.
There’s a new restaurant and bar waiting for you at the top. Claim a seat and help yourself to a couple local brews. Maybe break a bottle on the side of the gondola to christen it. Maybe totally don’t do that.

The views will be crazy.
When you’re thousands of feet above the earth, you need an appropriate platform from which to take it all in. This mountain has four of those. One hangs over a sheer drop and another is a 328-foot suspension bridge that lets you walk above the trees.

It’s like reverse Tarzan.

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