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Derby Day’s Best Juleps

California Chrome: 7-4. Vicar’s in Trouble: 10-1. Noble Moon: 50-1. You Drinking Juleps on Saturday: 1-1. One of those is not the name of a horse. On that note, take a peek at the finest julep offerings in town right now...

Mint Julep Kelvin Slushy at Pork Slope

Mint Julep Kelvin Slushy at Pork Slope

The Julep: Bourbon, mint, ice, but all blended together, achieving that perfect balance between Churchill Downs–style refreshment and 7-Eleven.
The Scene: The race on four flat-screens. Before and after: pulled pork in a neighborhood bar that’s loosely themed on Road House. Do this for Swayze.

Available at Pork Slope, 247 5th Ave (near Carroll), Brooklyn, 718-768-7675

The Jumpin’ Julep at Rochelle’s

The Jumpin’ Julep at Rochelle’s

The Julep: Picture a completely normal julep. Now picture a bottle of pilsner being poured into it in slow motion.
The Scene: A notoriously rowdy LES situation. You’ll have a few of these, and then there’s some kind of horse race, maybe? You won’t remember.

Available at Rochelle’s, 205 Chrystie St (at Stanton), 212-673-2400

The Black Velvet at Maison Premiere

The Black Velvet at Maison Premiere

The Julep: A champagne-based number with an oyster-stout reduction. And if that doesn’t strike your fancy, they’ve got five more juleps awaiting judgment.
The Scene: Well-hatted folks competing for the title of best dressed (an actual award) while a jazz band plays. You’re the Man o’ War of seersucker.

Available at Maison Premiere, 298 Bedford Ave (between Grand and 1st), Brooklyn, 347-335-0446

Lapsang Tea Julep at Sweetwater Social

Lapsang Tea Julep at Sweetwater Social

The Julep: One that’s infused with Chinese black tea. Which you’ll choose to believe makes it health-neutral.
The Scene: A new subterranean cocktailery giving away a little something (probably more juleps) for picking the trifecta. There’s also shufflepuck, for the several hours the race isn’t happening.

The Mint Julep at Maysville

The Mint Julep at Maysville

The Julep: An uncompromising, no-bullsh*t mint julep.
The Scene: A rural-Kentucky-inspired bourbon bar and restaurant with giant horse paintings on the wall. They’ll be broadcasting the race via old-school radio. Winner.

Available at Maysville, 17 W 26th St (between Broadway and 6th), 646-490-8240

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