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Out of the Furnace

Beer, 12 Screens and a Personal Steak Furnace

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When choosing a watch spot for the game, you have some basic needs:

A dozen large plasma TVs. A beer list in the triple digits. And a steak on your table, staying warm in its own little furnace...

Hardly too much to ask.

Say hello to Beer 360, a Sunny Isles sports lair for drinking beers and eating steak while the game’s on, now open.

It’s a laid-back spot with hardwood floors and a long, sleek bar—a place where all matters of playoff watching and after-work recovering are solved via 40 draft beers, 320 more by the bottle and Beef Ribs Mount Rushmore with housemade potatonnaise. Yes, we just said potatonnaise.

You should know there’s a great patio if you want to eat your steak outside. You should also know there are no TVs out there.

Right. So now that you and your Heat-loving cohorts have secured a booth inside, time for the beer menu. The 33 Export Vietnamese pilsner would probably match a jersey or two in the place. Then you’re ready for the next big call...

Steak. More specifically, maybe picanha custom-ordered by the ounce and cooked slowly in a brick furnace in the back—then brought to you in a tinier brick furnace that’ll keep it warm.

Personal steak furnaces. Seems so obvious in retrospect.

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