We Are the World

A Musical Alarm Powered by Strangers

None Here’s how tomorrow morning is going to go:

You’re going to wake up with a bunch of strangers and form an electronic music band.

No, really. That’s how this works.

Rise to the sweet, daybreaking sounds of Wake Up with the World, a new app that takes the GPS coordinates of people waking up in the same moment across the world and turns them into an original song, available now for iPhone.

The short story: you set an alarm with this app, and it wakes you up with a song. The long story: it uses Internet magic to turn your GPS coordinates into musical notes. And then combines them with the coordinates/musical notes of everyone in the world (with the app) waking up at the same time as you.

It’s sort of like NSA phone tracking, if the NSA’s purpose were making ambient electronic music and not spying on you.

And every waking person becomes a member of your morning band: lead, bass, chords or percussion. The more people you wake up with, the greater the tempo and length of the music becomes.

But if you’re the only user waking at a certain time, you still get a song.

Consider it your big alarm clock solo.

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