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An Inviting Date Spot on the Waterfront

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On a Friday night, you’ve got two choices:

You could be by the water or you could not be by the water.

Just kidding, you only have one choice.

Step into AQ by Acqualina, a new waterfront hideaway for Mediterranean-inspired snapper croquetas and lobster sushi rolls, now open in Sunny Isles Beach.

Yup, this is the old Piazzetta space. Basically, chef Dewey LoSasso (of the Forge fame) decided that—much like rock trumps scissors—grilled skirt steak with wild-boar black beans now trumps truffle pizza. So: it’s AQ now.

As for the decor, it’s still the familiar-looking opulent eatery. Ornately domed ceiling, dark wood floors and marble tables. And that’s just the inside...

Come here after work and grab a seat at the raised bar for a single malt scotch and fresh sashimi from the sushi bar. And you could stay inside with a bunch of friends. You could order a few bottles of bold cabernet and small plates of falafel fritters and chicken meatballs. You could.

But perhaps you’re here on more intimate business. In that case, head out to your plush red sofa on the veranda with sprawling views of the Atlantic. Here, you’ll order the oysters on the half shell and that skirt steak, washing it down with champagne.

Good luck, Saturday.

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