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Beer, Pretzels and Coffee in Kirkwood

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You walk into a café.

You order a draft beer.

The guy behind the counter goes over to an espresso machine with a pint glass.

You say, “Sir, I think you may be confused. I ordered a beer, not an espresso.”

He says, “No, totally. Caught that part.”

Behold the beverage-related innovation inside of Taproom Coffee, a new coffee shop and beer bar from a former Empire State South coffee counter vet who went ahead and rigged an espresso machine to pour beer, hoping to open next week in Kirkwood.

It’s a casual neighborhood spot. You’ve got your walnut communal tables, your Edison bulbs dangling from baby blue cords and your French-bistro-style stools at the window bar.

When you feel like starting your morning slow, head in around 7am. Thumb through the paper. Sip a cortado. Stop being hungry by ordering a lemon bar or a pretzel or something. They’re outsourcing their foodstuffs from places like the Spotted Trotter and H&F Bread Co.

And when it’s a more appropriate time to consume alcohol, go back for a beer. Yes, it’ll be poured out of that espresso machine turned beer tower the owner has affectionately dubbed a “beerspresso machine.”

Seems like there should really be a after that.


Taproom Coffee
1963 Hosea L Williams Dr, Ste 106
Atlanta, GA, 30317


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