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Sushi and Curry in a Big Glass Atrium

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You love eating outdoors in the sun. But then again, you have to deal with the windblown garnishes. The covetous insects. The covetous-looking tourists.

If only there were a more... controlled environment.

Say hi to I-Thai, a Thai-Japanese spot with a sunny, all-glass, atrium dining room that you’ll want to get acquainted with, officially opening today in the old Garrett’s space on M Street.

Yup, we said Thai and Japanese. Which means you can grab the private five-person booth downstairs and get to work on bluefin tuna sashimi and adventurous dishes like lamb ribs with curry and garlic sauce. Or park yourself at the seven-seat sushi bar upstairs and... still get to work on sashimi and lamb ribs.

But if you can, plan ahead and request one of the low, black leather sofas in the second-floor atrium. This is where you can take your time with your date. And your date’s friends. And their dates.

In your glass, stick with some Thai beer and bottles of sake. Then start picking apart whole flounder in searingly hot chili-garlic-basil sauce and omakase from the sushi chef until the sun goes down.

When the government drones can no longer see you.

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