The Nor, the Merrier

A Sexy New Hotel Situation in the French Alps

None 8 Photos Hotel Koh-I Nor
If you’ve seen one hotel, you’ve seen them all.

Just kidding.

Because you definitely haven’t seen Hotel Koh-I Nor yet. It’s a sprawling new bastion of unashamed requiescence and feasting atop the highest ski resort in Europe, and it’s taking reservations now.

For reasons no one can explain, this place is named after a giant diamond that belongs to Britain. It also has a pointy tower that looks a lot like a jewel. It’s best not to question this. Besides, you’ve got better things to do.

Like exploring your suite. You’ll choose one on the seventh floor, naturally. Because the ones on the seventh floor have two bedrooms, a living room and a balcony that looks out over the Val Thorens skyline. Oh, and five different kinds of mood lighting. Which is a great deal of mood lighting.

And it’s a ski-in, ski-out situation, so at some point you’ll get hungry. That’s where chef Yoann Conte comes in. He’s one of those Michelin-starred guys. Those are the best guys when it comes to making you things like truffle-stuffed chicken and Black Angus steak, paired with wines and champagnes from all over France.

Well, the champagne’s still from Champagne. They’re kinda fussy about that.

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