Bitter Sweet

Things That Make Your Cocktails Better

None Drip. Drip. Drip.

There, now your Manhattan is 100% more interesting.

Squeeze a dropper for 18.21 Bitters, a local duo’s new cocktail mixer operation churning out all manner of bitters, syrups and other things specifically engineered to enhance your quaffing experiences, taking preorders now.

The name’s a nod to the 18th and 21st Amendments, which established and repealed Prohibition, respectively. Maybe tell that to whoever’s checking out your home bar’s new chemistry set with a thirsty look on their face.

You’ll need to request a preorder form via email and pick whatever speaks to you. Japanese-chili-and-lime bitters. Ginger beer. Some watermelon mint shrubs. Definitely a little Georgia-peach-and-salted-pecan syrup. Then, throw a dinner party. Clink glasses. Don’t say the word “tinctures” out loud.

Your order will be shipped in June (or you can pick it up then at their O4W office). And before you know it, here come your bitters and syrups and things.

Fine, and tinctures.

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