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A Carnivorous Nirvana in Baltimore

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Blue crabs. Rockfish. Old Bay. They’re great.

But they’re also on notice. Because your next trip to Charm City just might be for meat.

Presenting Parts & Labor, a perfect pre–Camden Yards stop opening tomorrow from the farm-to-table savant chef behind Woodberry Kitchen.

No, you shouldn’t confuse this former tire shop with the recently discussed Pizza Parts & Service. Mostly because this one’s in Baltimore. And rather than pizza, you’ll find a carnivorous nirvana.

In fact, there’s a butcher case right when you walk in. But pivot for the dining room, where they’ve got the whole urban farmhouse thing working. Also working: 24 taps, including four wines and two ciders.

That ought to prime you for “beer snacks” like pickled eggs, or six different sausages, or lamb porterhouses and smoked ham hocks. Or...

Well, you won’t get to it all. And you may not be up here often. So on your way out, hit the butcher shop, where you’ll find six meat cutters on staff, who break down up to eight hogs and three steers per week, plus the assorted guinea hen and mutton.

Take a few pounds, along with a growler to go.

And maybe a salad.

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