All Square

Just a Fine Collection of Pocket Squares

Hey now, have some decency.

You can’t leave the house naked...

... We said to your pocket.

Don your favorite jacket for Quixotic, a just-launched local shop that’s sprucing up your pockets with an assortment of dapper squares, online now.

A good pocket square can really enhance your jib with an extra pop of giving a damn. And these hand-sewn numbers will do exactly that. So try a classic white square with your tux. Go pink cotton chambray at the office or opt for something navy and linen that really ties the room together.

And here’s where things get interesting. These guys are firm believers in chivalry and the long-standing tradition (okay, they just made it up) of “square for a square.” Which means: if you lose or sully your pocket square whilst performing a gentlemanly act of valor, they will send you a new square for free. How about that...

The policy is limited only by your imagination/willingness to perform such deeds. But to get you started:

—Dry someone’s tears.
—Dust your date’s chair.
—Fashion an ascot for a particularly well-appointed baby.

All of the above are grounds for receiving a gratis replacement square.

They’re less lenient for barbecue stains.

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