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A Boxing-Themed Burger Joint

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Your goal this month: figure out what to do with that massive tax refund. (And by the way, nice creative deductions.)

Well, let us suggest a whirlwind tour of all the burger joints the city has to offer. And you can start here.

Touch gloves for TKO Burger, a boxing-themed burger emporium, opening Thursday on Rhode Island Row.

This is the kind of unsubtle spot that spells out “Burgers” in a big arrow of carnival lights at the entrance. It’s also the kind where you’ll see speed bags dangling from the ceiling, and a whole wall of black-and-white photos of boxers like Leonard, Louis and Ali (Muhammad and Laila).

So yeah, it’s a pretty casual, quick-serve place. No need to get dressed up. But look at the TVs embedded next to the butcher-block booths (and also, the six beers on tap) and you could be forgiven for stretching out your stay a bit.

And the menu, well, you’ve seen this deal before. Burgers. Dogs. Sweet potato fries. Only here, the deal has a few more line items. Like burgers topped with mac and cheese and bacon. Or with smoked-turkey collard greens. Or fried green tomatoes.

We hear that’s how Pacquiao makes weight.


TKO Burger
2350 Washington Pl NE
Washington, DC, 20018


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