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The Weirdest Hotel in Amsterdam

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There are hotels you sleep in. And hotels you... don’t sleep in.

Then there are hotels you sleep in or don’t sleep in while you’re hovering over Amsterdam by crane.

Okay, there’s one hotel like that.

And here it is: Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel Amsterdam, a towering lodge spinning over the Dutch capital, taking reservations now.

So yeah, this is pretty crazy. Even for the Dutch. You’ll get here by finding your way to a wharf called NDSM. You’ll see a giant red crane looming over you. Look up. One of those three containers 165 feet in the air is your room. Inside it: weird things like mermaid goats. Also: a view out the floor-to-ceiling windows that constantly changes. Because you’re constantly rotating. Fun.

Once you’ve settled in, time to explore. Take the elevator to the top and strap on a harness and bungee jump off the arm of the crane. Or, if you’re feeling less bucket-list-y, just slide into the rooftop jacuzzi and let your gaze drift over the entire city.

But save some strength. Because in the summertime, the wharf turns into a site for music festivals, complete with a huge military-looking boat that throws out-of-control electro-dance parties.

As if there’s any other kind.


Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel Amsterdam
NDSM-Plein 78
1033 WB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 6 5580 0659
official website


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