Things to do for April 17, 2014

The Weekender

Mermaids, Rooftops and Sneakers

The weekend never misses the playoffs.

Your Suede-Sneaker Needs: Met

Your Suede-Sneaker Needs: Met

Feit’s made-to-measure suede sneakers were the inspiration for the unseen object of yellow-lit beauty in Pulp Fiction... or so we heard. Point is: they’re damn fine-looking sneakers, and there’s a whole monthlong pop-up with ’em on the LES. Your feet told us they want you to look into this.

It’s Gelato Season Again. Nice.

It’s Gelato Season Again. Nice.

Good news if you like housemade tiramisu gelato, chocolate bars that taste exactly like PB&J sandwiches and coffee flights: Brazilia Cafe has all those, and it now exists. If it didn’t, we’d be real bastards for setting you up like that.

Opens Apr 18, Brazilia Cafe, 684 Broadway (at Great Jones), 212-858-0732

Splash, on the Big Screen, Outdoors

<em>Splash</em>, on the Big Screen, Outdoors

There’s only one runaway mermaid-based hit movie of 1984. It stars Daryl Hannah in all her bleach-blonde mermaid-y glory. And some guy named Hanks. Anyway, it’s also playing on the incredibly big screen at a park right on the Hudson tomorrow night. Transcendence can wait a week.

You Need This Omelet

You Need This Omelet

Curveball: spending Easter (or the day before) at a delightful little Williamsburg spot that ingeniously mixes the cuisines of Jewish culture and Japan. There’ll be an omelet covered in pastrami fried rice, among other things. Pastrami doesn’t take holidays.

Sat-Sun, 11am-3pm, Shalom Japan, 310 S 4th St (at Rodney), Brooklyn, 718-388-4012

What Else Is New
One Rooftop’s Back, One Patio Is Born

One Rooftop’s Back, One Patio Is Born

If you’ve missed the elevated outdoors: Gallow Green (the Sleep No More rooftop, pictured) is opening Saturday for the summer.
If you’ve just plain missed the outdoors: Latin pig roasts and slushy cocktails have made their way to Mulberry Project’s back patio, which has been dubbed La Isla Escondida.

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