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Date-Worthy Pasta on a Terrace in Brickell

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Spoiler alerts: a simple courtesy when sharing news people might not be ready for yet.

So, spoiler alert: there’s a huge flood in Noah. There are funny accents on Fargo.

And your next date will take place at La Gazzetta—it’s a sexy new Italian spot in Brickell from the guys behind Tosca, who know a thing or two about Italian romance. It’s open now.

Walking in, you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a bustling Italian café of the Dolce Vita era. Sidewalk café tables, warm candlelight, effervescent fountain and... an outdoor movie screen. Yup, still in Brickell.

Sure, the luxurious red banquettes and chandeliers inside would bode well for an inside date, but it’s April. In Miami. So grab a table on the terrace, order a bottle of Chianti and await the unparalleled glory that can only arrive via consumption of housemade burrata on a terrace.

There will be intimate conversations over truffle linguine. And over a grilled sirloin pizzette. And over wine from a keg—they’ve got 20 barrels inside.

Fellini was really into keg wine.


La Gazzetta
1010 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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