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A New Market with Italian Everything

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It’s so close, yet... so close.

At least it is now thanks to Bottega Luisa, an exaggerated version of an Italian grandmother’s pantry brought to you by the Antico team, slated to open Thursday on the Westside.

In short, it’s an Italian market. And here’s how you’ll be able to tell that: 1) Almost everything’s imported from Italy. 2) It looks and smells like the word “buongiorno” sounds. 3) There’s a tire-sized block of parmesan, and paper-wrapped salumi everywhere.

There’s even an isolated communal table where Giovanni, the man in charge, will host private dinners from time to time.

Swing by before you pull the trigger on that homemade-dinner date idea. Make for the shelves filled with anything from teal-colored bow tie pasta to Italian biscuits to jars of pesto. And just past those shelves is a dedicated brewing station with espresso machines and a little standing room for sipping. And standing.

The only thing missing from this picture: frozen Bellinis in a cabana. Well, look to the left of the entrance before you walk in. See those cabanas and blue-and-white-striped umbrellas? Those belong to Bar Amalfi, their outdoor bar that’ll be opening within weeks.

They’re very proactive, these people.


Bottega Luisa
1077 Hemphill Ave NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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