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Corn Dogs and Chilean Pork Sandwiches

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It’s that time of year. When you want to get outside and stay outside.

And if you have to be inside, it’s best to feel like you’re outside.

Here then, Compass Rose, a cozy, two-level town house of eclectic street food and cocktails, opening next Wednesday next to Café Saint-Ex.

This basically feels like you’re hanging out on someone’s very well-appointed back patio—wooden benches, skylights, slate, moss growing on the brick walls.

Now, when we said “cozy,” we meant “not big.” And they don’t take reservations. So be prepared to sample a cocktail made with stuff like Georgian grappa (the country, not the state). Or maybe a wine from Hungary or a small-production beer from Lebanon.

Next, just grab one of the plush chairs around the zinc bar, or head to the back patio if you want to actually be outside, and bide your time with some first-date icebreakers until your table’s ready.

Then it’s on to the aforementioned global street food from a former Jaleo chef. It’ll change all the time, but think Moroccan mussels with mint and chili, Chilean pork sandwiches, Argentine-inspired mixed grill with chimichurri, and sweet sausage corn dogs.

Doesn’t get more exotic than corn dogs.


Compass Rose
1346 T St NW
Washington, DC, 20009


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