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Sushi, Sake and Wagyu in Beverly Hills

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Maybe it’s been 12 hours.

Maybe it’s been 12 months.

Either way, it’s been way too long since you had sushi from a Matsuhisa/Asanebo vet...

Remedy this at Shiki Beverly Hills, a beautifully traditional new Japanese restaurant offering omakase and a whole lot of really good beef, now taking limited reservations and soft-opening Sunday in Beverly Hills.

If power-suit Manhattan steakhouses became the next big Tokyo trend, this could be the prototype. All vaulted arches, cherry blossom murals and marble framing orderly rows and rows of chopsticks on tables. But instead of talking international trade deals, you’ll be more likely to sit next to (or across from) Michael Bay... trying to hash out a few more Marky Mark plotlines and keep the Transformers franchise going.

Once you’ve met him (or, you know, your sushi date), you’ll consider a procession of things like sea urchin tempura, deep-fried crab legs, sea bream sashimi and Wagyu two ways—rare in a tartare and hot in sukiyaki.

Or if you’re demonstrating your willingness to cede total creative control (again, this could happen in either scenario), go the omakase route.

Not available at Wahlburgers.

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