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Oysters, Chowder and Beer by the River

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You might’ve noticed those words above:

Oysters. Chowder. Beer. River.

So let’s just get right to it today, shall we...

Meet Seaside Metal Oyster Bar, the far-flung, raw-bar-happy Bar Crudo outpost with the frankly cooler-sounding name, now open in Guerneville.

The name, so you know, derives from rusting boats along the coast. That’ll be a nice thing to tell your road trip date as you settle into your pair of stools in the aquatically minded cove of blues and grays.

If you like oysters, you’ll obviously be starting there. Probably a platter. Maybe a dozen oysters, a half-dozen mussels, a half-dozen shrimp, half a crab and half a lobster. If you don’t like oysters, get out. Just kidding, you can stay. But seriously, what are you doing here.

Anyway, you’ll probably recognize the bacon-y chowder from Bar Crudo, and it’ll be tough to turn down the hearty salt cod cannelloni. And the beer. There’s a lot of that here. Like 40 bottles and eight on tap. The bottles are from all over, but the taps are pouring mostly good stuff from the Bay Area.

It’s like running into old friends.


Seaside Metal Oyster Bar
16222 Main St
(at Armstrong Woods)
Guerneville, CA, 95446


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