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Coffee. Porchetta Croissants. Wine. Roman Pizza.

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Bad news.

You’re not getting a magnificent new Westside hangout with porchetta croissants and an open-air patio for wine drinking today.


You’ll have to wait a few days...

To enter Superba Food + Bread, the more casual, bakery-and-wine-bar-strapped, all-day companion to Rose Avenue’s Italian hit, opening within a week in Venice from the guy behind Pitfire and East Borough.

It’s the carcass of an old Lincoln auto-body shop impressively stitched back together with light blond wood, mismatched tables and an open kitchen framed by endless green and glass—with a wood-wrapped deck on the side that looks like a sauna with its top chopped off. So if you work better outside, welcome to your new office.

And really, you can utilize this spot all day. Mornings, stop by the pastry counter and mirrored espresso station for porchetta croissants with on-tap Stumptown cold brew before setting up shop outside. At lunch, you’d probably favor a two-top inside—after you head to the counter to assess the day’s rectangular pizzas, cut to order. Then retreat to the patio for midafternoon pinot and views of molasses traffic.

Just don’t feel like you have to move. Feel free to hang out until a candle comes to your table, then a date. Time for Jason Travi’s wood-grilled rotisserie leg of lamb vadouvan with carrot yogurt.

Then you’d better move.


Superba Food + Bread
1900 Lincoln Blvd
(at Marco Pl)
Venice, CA, 90291


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