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All This Stuff Will Look Right on You

The answer to your question: Berkeley Supply. It’s online now.

The question to your answer: “Where can I see pictures of ruggedly smart-looking items of clothing and then click on those pictures to have them sent to my door?”

Now, if you were in Denver, you could just walk into their shop. It’s got piles of wood and rusted chainsaws and raw denim jeans strewn all over the place. That’s where this whole operation started before they decided to throw everything online. And that’s where you come in.

Might as well check out their leather things first. It’s a solid selection. Red Wing work boots. Vegetable-tanned belts. A Jacob Bromwell flask with a Horween Dublin leather cover. They’ve got all of that.

Cut to you wearing this stuff somewhere it looks and feels appropriate. Say, at the Braves home opener. Perhaps the lovely stranger sitting next to you will notice your belt buckle made from wood found in Brazil’s jungles and say something like “Was that belt buckle made from wood found in Brazil’s jungles?”

And you’ll say, “Depends who’s asking. Just kidding. Yep.”

Maybe even something better than that.

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