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S’mores, Coffee and... Discretion

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There are those places you go where you want to be seen.

Then there are places that are the exact opposite of that. Places where you hope you’re not seen. At least not by anyone who knows you.

This is the latter. And they’ve got smoked s’mores.

Welcome to After Peacock Room, an unexpectedly romantic-looking café, now open on a quiet, mostly residential block in Georgetown.

So this isn’t where you power lunch. It’s not where you shake hands on big deals. It’s more of an it’s-2pm-where-can-we-fake-a-meeting-and-make-eyes-at-each-other-for-a-couple-hours kind of place. As befitting its namesake—Whistler’s famous room at the Smithsonian—you’ll find loads of dark wood, sconces, gilded poles and a long, royal-blue bench.

Go ahead, pick a dark, quiet little nook. Order up an Americano, maybe some tea service if you can’t shake that March cold (they have 12). The menu: well, it’s small, but nothing wrong with deviled egg sandwiches or prosciutto, gorgonzola and fig quiche.

Just be extra charming, because you’ll want your rendezvous to linger through dessert, in the form of strawberry shortcake and next-level s’mores, with a smoked graham cracker biscuit, a mound of toasted marshmallow and a good drenching of chocolate.

The best relationships start with mounds of marshmallow.


After Peacock Room
2622 P St NW
Washington, DC, 20007


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