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Oysters and Cocktails on Travis Street

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A dozen oysters and a stiff drink.

Doesn’t matter the question.

That’s the answer.

Look alive and get to The Establishment, the long-awaited oyster-and-cocktail spot from the Cedars Social and Smyth owner, now open on Travis Street.

Inside, it’s all dark woods, exposed bricks and white subway tiles. Real textural gold mine, this place. The oyster bar straight ahead is shucking an array of bivalves from both coasts. And to your left: a handsome, well-stocked bar full of tequila-spiked this and absinthe-topped that.

All that equals a fine candidate for more-than-friendly dinners. The kind with low lighting, two-tops and just the right amount of aphrodisiacs. Now, go ahead and start things off with an Emerson (genever, vermouth, lemon, maraschino) and a half-dozen Blue Points before moving on to larger things. The menu’s still evolving, but you can expect shareable plates like scallop sashimi, lobster with wild mushrooms and other things you’re not opposed to.

Oh, and about that patio out front. We agree, those wooden benches are indeed a fine place to sip pilsners in the sun during forthcoming brunches.

Or forthcoming anythings, really.


The Establishment
4513 Travis St
Dallas, TX, 75205


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