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Tapas and Wine-and-Coke Cocktails in MiMo

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You owe so very much to Spain.



The mop. (No, really. The mop.)

Whole meals made up entirely of snacks.

And today we honor that last one with Taperia Raca, a new Spanish tapas spot from the guys who brought you Eating House, open as of today in MiMo.

It’s pretty laid-back in here. Brick walls, dangling Edison bulbs, Spanish reggae on loop, cardboard bull heads watching you eat. Not in a weird way, though. They just want to see your face when you take your first bite of poached octopus. Classic cardboard-bull-head move.

Anyway, come here for a quick lunch. Gazpacho on the patio sounds about right. Then again, so do some Cachetes de Cerdo (braised pork cheeks, truffles...) at one of the handful of black-banquette-lined tables inside.

Either way, dress comfortably and come thirsty. The water here’s great. Oh, and so are the calimocho cocktails. Those are what happen when Spanish bartenders decide that mixing red wine and Coke would be a great idea.

Right up there with the mop, that one.


Taperia Raca
7010 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL, 33138


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