Things to do for March 27, 2014

The Weekender

Arm-Wrestling Girls and ’70s Roller Skating and Weekend

All that glitters is not weekend.

Here Are Some Delicious Things to Eat

Here Are Some Delicious Things to Eat

Raise your hand when you read something you hate: maple-glazed bacon chocolate. Lemon-thyme ice cream. Turtle bars. Fancy marshmallows... Weird. You haven’t hated anything yet. Then you’ll probably love this new Mission sweetery called Chocolatier Blue. Funny how that works.

And Then Wingtip Did This...

And Then Wingtip Did This...

If there’s one thing Wingtip does well, it’s... everything. Take their new Wingtip Suit, for example. It’s made in America, comes in three fits and generally just looks better than many, many things. They’re rolling it out at a trunk show this weekend. Which is just in time for the weekend.

Mar 28-29, Wingtip, 550 Montgomery St (at Clay), 415-765-0993, appointments preferred, reserve here

Duck Frites. The Beach. Fine, Then.

Duck Frites. The Beach. Fine, Then.

The next time you plan a weekend getaway to Santa Cruz, congratulate yourself on your weekend getaway to Santa Cruz. Then, stop by this new restaurant called Assembly. The chef is an Incanto and Camino vet, so expect anything from seared-duck frites to seafood stew. To other food.

Now open, Assembly, 1108 Pacific Ave (near Lincoln), Santa Cruz, 831-824-6100

Roller Skating Disco Party Alert

Roller Skating Disco Party Alert

Any evening involving a guy named “DJ Tropicool” is probably going to be a good evening. Especially when it’s this ’70s-themed roller skating disco party. Yes, there will be costumes. Yes, there will be skate-offs. And yes, there will be a photo booth that you’ll probably wish wasn’t there.

Mar 29, 8pm-midnight, $45, location TBA (will be emailed day of), tickets here

The All-Female Version of Over the Top

The All-Female Version of <em>Over the Top</em>

There’s a ladies’ arm-wrestling tournament on Sunday. It’s where ladies wear wigs and costumes and wrestle each other with their arms. We’re just saying... could be a pretty funny thing to go watch. Is all we’re saying.

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