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Lunching on Pho and Beers in Bishop Arts

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If you want sushi, pizza, coffee, Italian, mussels, Thai, wine, biscuits or a new pair of pants, head to Bishop Arts.

If you want Vietnamese, don’t.

Yeah, that’s what we’d have said last week.

But now, here comes Pho 88, a friendly, no-frills Vietnamese joint you’ll visit for noodle soups, banh mi and midday beers, now open in Bishop Arts.

You may have noticed: not a single Vietnamese restaurant in the area. And you may have thought: hey, someone should really do something about that. Well, someone did, and the result is this casual habitat of wooden tables, colorful art and a black bar. The latter is where they keep the beer and wine. Crazy concept, we know.

So yes, this place has “simple weekday lunch spot” written all over it. Not literally. That would be graffiti. Anyway, swing by sometime. Bring someone who’s good company, and park yourself at one of those tables. Start with some chicken wings before moving on to bowls of steaming pho and bottles of cold Singha.

But if all that just seems a little too ambitious, no problem. Because if you call these guys up and ask politely, they’ll bring such things straight to your door.

We believe they’re calling it “delivery.”

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