Things to do for March 26, 2014

The Weekender

Whiskey, Video Games and Fried Chicken

The weekend’s the captain now.

Oh, a New Shirt Never Hurt Anybody

Oh, a New Shirt Never Hurt Anybody

Forget checking the temperature every two seconds. Spring is most definitely here. Here’s how you know: cool new print jackets, fatigue pants and madras short sleeves from Engineered Garments have arrived at Independence and are 10% off for a few days—and after this winter, you earned it.

Through Mar 30, Independence, 47 E Oak St, order in store or at 312-675-2105

Happy International Whisk(e)y Day

Happy International Whisk(e)y Day

Things are tense in the world right now. But singing “Kumbaya” won’t solve anything. Serious whiskey consumption, though: now that could do wonders. This global whiskey summit offers a five-room tasting adventure of various world regional whiskeys. You invite Putin, we’ll invite Obama.

Brunch Now Comes a Day Early

Brunch Now Comes a Day Early

The folks at Carriage House have decided you needed a jump on the weekend—or at least a jump on their weekend-only shrimp and grits and apple cider donuts. So from now on, they’ll start weekend brunch on Fridays. It’s the boldest new product of Southern charm and a can-do spirit.

Fri-Sun starting Mar 28, 10am-2pm, Carriage House, 1700 W Division St, 773-384-9700

25 Cask Ales and Donkey Kong

25 Cask Ales and <em>Donkey Kong</em>

This 25-brewery-strong Firkin Fest at Headquarters Beercade is like a real-live Donkey Kong game. Except: barrels are filled with beer, you don’t jump over them, and there’s no giant gorilla. Meeting someone named Pauline, however, is a strong maybe.

A New Place with Fried-Chicken Mania

A New Place with Fried-Chicken Mania

Sure: scientists, even with their fancy microscopes and book-learnin’, can’t confirm it. But Fried-Chicken Mania is real. Very real. And it’s spreading. Just look at Gemini Bistro. This nice, respectable Lincoln Park spot is now doing family-style Sunday night fried chicken. There’s even gravy. God help us all.

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