Traymore Restaurant and Bar

Gin Deep

Miami Beach’s New Seafood and Gin Mecca Cometh

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Spring break. Woo-hoo. Yeah. Party.

All right, enough of that sh*t.

Let’s opt for an elegant evening of oysters and gin instead, shall we...

After you, gentlemen and ladies. Welcome to Traymore Restaurant and Bar, a whitewashed safe haven with 40 types of gin and an overabundance of food from the sea, now open at the Metropolitan by Como, Miami Beach.

There’s a bit of an art-deco-summer-home-on-the-Italian-coast vibe happening in here. Polished terrazzo floors. Curved high-backed sofas. Marble tabletops. Throw in a pair of sea legs and you’ve got yourself a Traymore. It’s nice. You should go.

Make sure you bring a date, though. Don’t get us wrong, you’d be fine with clients or whoever. It would just be a shame to let all that mood lighting and whole roast lemon sole go to waste on someone who’s not generally being coy and attractive while sitting across from you.

And know this: they’re serious about gin around these parts. You’ll recall that they have 40 of them. You won’t recall that they pride themselves on crafting the perfect gin and tonic, because we haven’t mentioned that yet. But there you go.

Happy spring break?


Traymore Restaurant and Bar
at the Metropolitan by Como, Miami Beach
2445 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33140


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