Auto Motivational

Like Fitbit for Your Car

None Herbie, the Love Bug.

KITT from Knight Rider.

The entire cast of Pixar’s Cars.

Thus concludes an exhaustive list of every car that doesn’t need this.

Pop the hood for MetroMile, a new gadget-app combo that tracks and communicates your car’s vital information because humans and automobiles can’t talk, available in limited markets now with plans to expand very soon.

It’s basically a fitness bracelet for your car. Except cars don’t have wrists, so it plugs in below your steering wheel and syncs with an iPhone app. An app that’ll tell you about things like your fuel-consumption habits. And your engine’s health. And your car’s last known whereabouts. (Hopefully you don’t really need that feature.)

So if you live in California, Oregon, Washington or Illinois... great, you can get this now. Everyone else: patience. Soon enough, you’ll be able to communicate with your car and find out precisely why that “Service Engine” light keeps flashing.

We’re betting it’s because the engine needs to be serviced.

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