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Black Cod, Martinis and Handshakes in Palo Alto

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Not so long ago, billionaire tech types would get things started out of a dingy garage.

These days, you’d prefer to get things started over an alfresco martini and some black cod with lobster grits.

All due respect to dingy garages.

Clear your schedule for Lure + Till, an indoor/outdoor breeze of a restaurant designed to host your VC meetings any time of day—now open in Palo Alto, just a block from University Ave.

Above it towers the new Epiphany. Sounds like a backup dancer for Katy Perry, but actually she’s a new eight-story hotel. And on the ground floor, glass doors open all the way, here’s your spot to shake hands—table outside, or just inside, which is kind of the same as outside.

Once the pleasantries are out of the way, you’ll get down to business—ordering a martini or a Steinberg Sting (gin, vermouth, Bénédictine, orange bitters). There. Now that that’s done, you’re free to sit back. Admire all the granite and leather and marble.

Talk shop early. Save shop talk for later. Whatever your strategy, you’ll fill any dramatic pauses with deviled eggs, New York strip or that black cod with lobster grits. Unless it’s early, in which case huckleberry pancakes may make an appearance.

Ah, to be the one who invented pancakes in some garage...

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