Tango and Kush

A Beer Gallery with Burgers and Art. Wait...

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Come Friday around noon, you’re thinking one thing only.

How best to maximize your afternoon productivity.

Just kidding. Beer and a burger. You’re probably thinking about beer and a burger.

Which brings us to Kush, your new go-to for beer, burgers with waffle buns and the occasional graffiti mural of Celia Cruz—it’s from the guys behind LoKal and Miami Brew Bus, and it opens Friday at noon.

When you walk in and see a massive wheatpaste of Purvis Young, you’ll know you’re in the right place. After pausing to pay respects, it’s over to the counter to order.

You’ll recognize the Frita (with guava jelly, melted gruyère, potato sticks and bacon) from many a late night at LoKal. But there’s also a Kush & Hash burger on the menu, and it involves hash, bacon and a fried egg... with waffle buns. Generally you make it a point not to ignore waffle buns.

You’ll also want to ponder the other art—the 18 beers on tap, including rare stuff and local brews like Cigar City’s Hotter Than Helles. Or grab a can of Boulder’s Shake Chocolate Porter for dessert.

As for where you’re sitting, the best seats are along the back brick wall, at one of the kegs-turned-tables.

It’s an impressive recycling program.

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