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Live it up, whiskey, corned beef and Irish folk music.

Today is your day.

But tomorrow...

Tomorrow belongs to piña coladas, jerk chicken and reggae.

Put on a sunny disposition for Negril Village, the second installment of the family-run Caribbean spot in NYC, now soft-open for dinner (but closed tonight) in Midtown.

It’s in that old fire station on North Ave, so you may recognize a few things (an old fireman’s pole that’s now a bar rail, brass chandeliers made from old hose parts...). But mostly, it’s new. Better. Island-er. Proof: the Jamaican coat of arms now hangs above the bar where a clock used to be.

Grab a velvet booth with some friends and keep the conversation light. There’s reggae playing in the background. This should help. So should the slow-braised oxtail and curried goat stew. Maybe a few daiquiris that... won’t have any rum in them for now.

See, the liquor license is coming as early as this week. That’s when they’ll unleash 70 sipping rums, 50 tequilas and 15 cocktails on tap like the Smoke Eater with rum, brandy, gin and OJ.

If you’re keeping score, that’s 135 things to be really happy about.


Negril Village
30 North Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30308


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