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You know what they say.

One cannot survive on steak frites alone.

But one can totally go to a restaurant that serves steak frites alone.

Renounce decisions at L’Assiette, a new French restaurant that puts all of its combined expertise into making you steak with pommes frites and very little else, opening Thursday in Hollywood.

Here’s what you’ve got: a petite brasserie fashionably wrapped in mahogany, white and burgundy. And chalkboard menus with very little written on them that doesn’t involve the words “steak” or “frites.”

If you’re on a steak frites date, back up a bit and aim for one of the few candlelit two-tops in the tiny open-air courtyard out front. What follows: sweet, sweet simplicity.

A Kir Royale, some wine or a nice Belgian beer. A sorrel soup or salad to start. Then lands the sirloin with fries. You’ll only get half the order at first—then the second half when you finish, to ensure optimal steak-and-fry temperature. And if you’re still hungry when that’s done, you have options like housemade macarons.

Macaron frites: not yet a thing.


7166 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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