Ration and Dram

Hot Dram

A Bi-Level Funhouse from an H&F Vet

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The sun is shining.

The birds are chirping.

And, hey, look... the patio gods just built you something.

They’re calling it Ration and Dram, a Holeman & Finch vet’s airy new food-having spot with two patios, two bars and nook after cranny of merrymaking potential, opening for dinner Tuesday in Kirkwood.

If you took away all the sausage cassoulet and duck salads and bourbon, this place could almost pass for a young blacksmith’s workshop. It’s all concrete floors, pendant lights made from old glass insulators and steel bars built by a guy who owns a hot rod shop.

They open at 5, so it’s a great spot to catch the last few hours of sun after work. Once you’ve made a group decision about sitting downstairs or up (the former has a thrown-open garage door, the latter has a sunny side patio), have some fried pork chops and a chicken basket full of drums, wings, necks and hearts sent over.

And they’re doing brunch on the weekends. A cachaça-and-pineapple-juice cocktail with a Pancake Dog sounds about right. That’s a sausage link dipped in pancake batter and maple syrup.

So, more “br” than “unch.”

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