Things to do for March 13, 2014

The Weekender

Lobster Reubens, Chariot Races and Alfresco Merrymaking

Luck o’ the weekend.

Late-Night Burgering at Boston Chops

Late-Night Burgering at Boston Chops

They say you shouldn’t eat late at night. They also say bacon cheeseburgers are delicious. Related: Boston Chops is now serving burgers until 1am every night at the bar. They come in a variety of combos involving PBR, fernet or adult milkshakes. There’s a happy meal joke in here somewhere.

Nightly, 10pm-1am, Boston Chops, 1375 Washington St, 617-227-5011

Chariot Races and Togas in Union Square

Chariot Races and Togas in Union Square

2,058 years ago, Julius Caesar was removed from office via knives. In commemoration, Union Square is turning itself into a Roman forum complete with toga fittings, a gladiator tournament and chariot races. And it all ends with a toga after-party at the Independent. Just the way it did in ancient history.

Mar 15, 1-6pm, Union Square Plaza, 90 Union Sq, Somerville; after-party 6pm, The Independent, 75 Union Sq, Somerville, 617-440-6022

You Look Like You Could Use a Patio

You Look Like You Could Use a Patio

Pier 6 is honoring the patron saint of patio parties by reopening their own for the season. You’ll find the obligatory corned beef and cabbage alongside cocktails like The Mickey Ward with whiskey, Baileys and Harpoon stout. Like an Irish stew made entirely of alcohol.

Mar 15 and 17, Pier 6, 1 8th St, Charlestown, 617-337-0054

Two Days of Oysters and Beer and Glory

Two Days of Oysters and Beer and Glory

There’s a spring tailgate at Row 34. Expect tailgate things like multiple kegs, a grill and a tent. And expect Row 34 things like fish tacos and lobster sliders. Five bucks gets you in and earns you six gratis oysters. Additional money earns you more.

Mar 16-17, 1-6pm, $5, Row 34, 383 Congress St, 617-553-5900

Meet the Lobster Reuben

Meet the Lobster Reuben

The mad sandwich scientists at Pauli’s have successfully combined the DNA of a lobster and a Reuben sandwich. What that means: two slices of grilled rye, lobster meat, swiss, sauerkraut and Thousand Island. It’s briefly joining the menu starting Monday. And should make a great foundation for green beer.

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