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A Small-Plates Wonderland in Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Laudy-dale.

We know. The mere mention of it fills the mind with images of veering off the highway after work, shuffling into the closest watering hole and settling down for some Asian small plates.

Okay, maybe not.

Or maybe not yet...

Behold Tsukuro, an immense abode of Asian goodness a paper airplane’s throw away from the Fort Lauderdale beach, now open.

Had Genghis Khan hung up his sword mid-plundering to turn his attention to creating cavernous Asian pleasure dens, he would have come up with this. There’s LED-lit Buddhist decor, lots of glass mosaics and a sleek lounge area that offers views of the beach across the street... and, well, let’s just be honest here—swimsuit-clad spring breakers headed for the Elbo Room next door.

You’ll want to come here when you’re feeling... hungry. And you have a hunch that some Thai BBQ calamari and a Japanese Old Fashioned will improve your mid-March night.

A couple other solid moves: share some square sushi with a friend. Share some fried oysters with pork belly with a date. If you’re really starving, there are larger dishes like the roasted duck, marinated with oranges and star anise and served whole.

Nothing satisfies like star anise.

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