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The Return of Snuffer’s

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Here’s the thing about Snuffer’s:

You liked it better before it became a big smoking hole in the ground.


Well, good news—the cheddar-fry institution is back, they didn’t forget how to make french fries and top them with melted cheese, and they’re now gloriously reopen on Greenville Ave.

First thing you’ll notice about Snuffer’s 2.0: “Oh, hey, there’s an actual bar in here now.” And that’s correct. How very observational of you. It’s lined with old photos and new flat-screens, and it’s where you’ll sit when you want to be close to their 16 local drafts (think Deep Ellum, Lakewood and Four Corners). Yes, we checked, all of them pair well with a bacon guacamole burger.

Otherwise, you’re going to use this place just like the original. There are the indoor booths (some are from the old digs) for crispy buffalo chicken sandwiches before a concert at the Granada. There’s the huge outdoor patio for people-watching on a weekend (or an Irish drinking holiday). And then there are those cheddar fries. Those beautiful cheddar fries. Get those whenever you damn well please.

Lunch might be a nice time to please.


3526 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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