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A Stylish Canadian Hangout Heads Down South

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Canada, you owe us.

For Molson. For dubious pop exports. For Rob Ford...

Okay, Rob Ford’s actually not so bad.

Anyway. Compensations. Make them.

This week’s looking good on the schedule...

For Earls Kitchen + Bar, a new watering hole from our neighbors up north for beer sleeves, burgers and cocktails, opening Wednesday in Kendall.

Apparently, this place is sort of a big deal in Canada. And apparently, this place got the memo that marble-clad dining rooms stocked with warm leather banquettes and open kitchens are sort of a big deal in the US. Because this place has those things.

It’s a people pleaser of a joint—there’s something for everyone. Meaning it’ll work nicely for a group celebration or some post-work cocktails... with the entire office. Yep, it’s pretty roomy in here. So commandeer one of the communal tables and start with a round of beer sleeves (that’s Canadian for “pints”). Then segue into a hand-smashed Angus burger, BBQ pork buns or tacos.

And if the weather’s anything like it was over the weekend, you should make use of the outdoor patio and order a Mad Hatter. It has vodka, pear brandy, black tea and coconut water. It’s supposed to serve four.

Supposed to.

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