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A German Beer Hall in Bethesda

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You just set your clocks ahead. The vernal equinox is upon us. So, not exactly the time to talk about Oktoberfest.

Unless a place like this comes along.

Make plans with your best Frau to hit Tyber Bierhaus, a German beer hall from the folks behind St. Arnold’s downtown, opening in Bethesda next Tuesday—yes, just in time for March Madness.

Basically, you’ve got a big room festooned with European beer swag, six flat-screens and a tapestry of a Bavarian castle. No surprise there. But you’ll also find a bar with light wood lacquered to bowling alley levels, beer taps that descend from above and tables salvaged from Munich’s Oktoberfest. So yeah, not a bad place to sit elbow-to-elbow with a big group over liters and half liters.

Speaking of which, they’ve got 11 Belgian, seven German and three Czech beers, all listed on a chalkboard. And after a liter or so, food may be a good idea, so you’ll delve into the menu of meat loaf sandwiches, goulash and mussels.

Unless, of course, you’re there at brunch, when you’ll also find red velvet pancakes and a ham/gruyère/egg creation called the Drug Opera.

Which only sounds like a plot point from True Detective.

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