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This Bar Is Hidden Behind a Coffee Shop

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“Follow the coffee.”

That’s not a thing they said in All the President’s Men. But it should’ve been.

Because it would’ve led you to The Roost, a quaint little East Village coffee shop that’s hiding a big beautiful bar in the back. It’s now open.

East Villagers, meet your new pre- and post-work stop-off. Mornings, you’ve got all the things you require from a coffee shop. Pastries. Sunlight. Iced coffee on draft. You know, coffee shop stuff.

But then things start to get a little more interesting. Past that double door on the left, there’s a stunning room full of dark woods, plush leather sofas and a roaring fake fireplace. In this room, you might notice some people holding pint glasses of not-coffee. Which means you’re getting warmer...

Because behind that, past the sliding barn doors, is a big, alley-like haven with excellent beers and a soon-to-be-thriving bourbon selection. This all opens up on Wednesday. It’s there where you’ll belly up to the bar (made from the wall and beams of an old barn) and ingest the magic of Kalamazoo Stout from the new-in-town Bell’s Brewery.

And to think, that barn used to just hold hay.

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