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This Entire Ski Resort Is for Sale

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The world is divided into two types of people.

1) People who own ski mountains.
2) People who don’t own ski mountains.

Here to help officially swear you in to Team #1 is the Mount Washington Alpine Resort, Vancouver Island’s finest ski mountain, currently up for sale.

Thus, a numerical survey of what’s up for grabs:

Price, in US dollars: as yet undisclosed
Price, in hot tubs you could probably buy for whatever that amount ends up being: 1,286 (give or take)
Elevation of the tallest peak: 5,210 feet
Annual snowfall: 36 feet
Other Canadian mountains that get more than 36 feet of snow annually: not many
Chairlifts: 5
Chairlifts named after booze: 2 (Hawk 6ix Pack and Whiskey Jack)
Total number of trails: 81
Number of equipment-rental lodges included: 1
Percent chance you’ll go ahead and convert that into a bar instead: 98.2
Year the mountain was used as an Olympic training ground: 2010
Times you’ll slide down hills in a donut-shaped tube at the snow-tube park: 60
Times you’ll dream about winning a gold medal in snow-tubing:
Odds you’ll check out this live cam once you find out your mountain comes with a live cam: 1:1


Mount Washington Alpine Resort
via CBRE Marketplace
1 Strathcona Pkwy
Mount Washington, BC V9J1L0
+1 250 386 0005
official website


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