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Got your attention yet? Great, now meet Sweet Auburn Barbecue, a new low-and-slow meat joint with barrel-aged gin cocktails and smoked-brisket Reubens from the guys who launched one of the city’s first food trucks of the same name, now open in Poncey-Highland.

It’s casual. Fun. Doesn’t take itself too seriously and all that. There’s a rusted car door with Edison bulbs poking out of the window. Black-and-white photos clothespinned onto some chicken-coop wire. Hell, there’s a cast-iron chandelier made out of test tubes.

Generally speaking, go tonight. Specifically speaking, go tonight, sit at the bar and ask Reuben (he’s a Holeman & Finch vet) for a Don’t Burn the House Down with bourbon, honey and maple smoke. But only if it’s after 8pm. Because you can’t get one before then. Rules, people.

If it’s earlier, though, procure a draft of Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan. Should pair nicely with some duck gumbo and a full pound of Texas-style beef brisket served on a sheet pan.

And quietly tucked away in the “Coming Soon” file: an absinthe fountain, a custom-made ping-pong table and a dry storage area downstairs that may eventually become a semisecret bar.

So... a wet storage area.

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